Frequently Asked Questions about Our Igloo Tents

We currently have in our possession 6 Igloo dome tents (with more to come soon!) that can be rented out one at a time, or multiple units can be rented out together.

Our igloo tents are quite large and can seat 8 – 10 people comfortably, with tables. They are 15 feet 9 inches in diameter and 10 feet 2 inches high at the center. The entrance is 2 feet 6 inches wide.

Its heated center naturally traps the heat inside, and with the electric fireplace or portable fire pits that we supply, you’re sure to be feeling warm and cozy all night long. The heated igloo tent will be the most luxurious and comfortable experience you could ever imagine!

We’re a pop-up experience around New York and nearby areas, which means we’ll come to you and set it up.

Sure you can. Feel free to make this space perfect for your needs by customizing it with your own outdoor furniture. Just make sure beforehand that each piece will fit through the entrance

Our igloo tents are waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the rain. If condensation starts to build inside the tent, opening one of the 2 entrances to vent for a short amount of time will help.

The igloo can lie upon almost any flat surface. This includes grass, concrete, pavers, brick, and wood or composite decks. A surface that does not retain much water is advisable, especially if rain is in the forecast shortly before or during your rental period.

We recommend backyards, public parks, apartment building rooftops/personal rooftops, etc. 

Ensure there is a flat surface clear of debris. 

Please secure the location and verify igloo tents are allowed. 

We are NOT responsible for scouting locations, However, we do have preferred venue partners that we collaborate with if you are in need of a space to host your experience.

Please allow 1-2 hours for assembling/set up prior to your booking time. Please give our crew enough time to set up prior to your preferred time. It usually takes an hour or less to break down.

We anchor our igloo tents securely to the ground or other surfaces via stakes or sandbags, and they can withstand winds upwards of 30 MPH. Keeping the vents and door closed will help maintain stability in the wind—and should be done at the end of each night